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About the company

The company works with its experienced cadres of specialized engineers and skilled workers to deliver the projects that it undertakes with full mastery, craftsmanship and quality to gain customer confidence and increase its practical experiences.

Vision and goal

A development in the labor market, construction and trade in a way that provides more advanced and modern services in technologies, equipment and methods of implementation.
We aim to expand our business in our services to be among the first names that customers think of in the field of construction and infrastructure.

Our message

To build our work with confidence and transparency and make it the cornerstone that we place in every project we implement, and to work comprehensively to comfort and suit the customer.


Petroleum And Petroleum Products

Sale and Brokerage for sale crude oil and oil derivative
Supply Stationary and Mobile oil Refineries.


Supply & Erection complete Power Plant (Thermal, Gas, gasoil)in cooperation with
Supply & Erection of large capacity storage tanks for Oil Refineries and Power Production Plants


Turn-Key Projects, Domicile and Housing Projects, Commercial Complex
projects, Recreation projects, Schools, Hospitals, High Rise Buildings, Etc.


TradingPetroleum And Petroleum Products
Construction Equipment & Materials

Real estate

Al-Rawnaq in one of the biggist real estate companies in Istanbul, Turkey that provide to its costumers from all around the world


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Our Team

Dr Usama Sa'eed Al-Hayaly

Chief Executive Officer

Kamal Usama Al-Hayaly


Muhammad Usama Al-Hayaly


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Cumhurıyet Mah. Hürriyet Cad. 1979 Sk. No: 16 D: 30 nay Garden Residance Esenyurt / İstanbul, Turkey

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