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- Supply & Erection complete Power Plant (Thermal, Gas, gasoil)
- Maintenance all kinds of Power Plant & Oil Refineries, Electrical Motors, Turbines, Boilers, Pumps, Gen sets
- Provide & Installation of Solar systems & Training Programs for residential communities, individual houses and publicutilities.
- Supply and Installation Energy Production Plants From Waste within scope of Bio-Mass.
- Provide & Erect Zero-Emission Power plant.Green Power Solutionfor generating electricity to the existing distribution lines directly by setting up Micro-grids that will provide electricity into every house, office, and industries without the need for transmission grid.The capability far exceeds the need of any country. The end result of our work is better stability, higher efficiency, very low energy and maintenance cost, and better overall performance. This advancement is a true revolution in the history of generators.
- Supply and installation of Power Transmission Towers
- Supply & Installation of Over Head Power TransmissionLines and Substations.
- Supply & InstallationElectrical Transformers, Feeder Pillars, Underground cables, Substations for Power distribution, Main Cubical Switch boards, Distribution Boards and all Electrical Equipment and Implementation of Electricalcontractswhetherfor IndustrialAmusement parks ....etc.


- Supply & Erection of large capacity storage tanks for Oil Refineries and Power Production Plants.•Supply & Installation of high Performance Boilers (Water and Steam) for Industrial, Refineries & Power Plants.
- Installation and putting into operation of water treatment plants.
- Steel structures for Buildings, Workshops, Warehouses & Aircraft Shelters. ..Etc.•Fabrication and installation of Steel pipes Size (25-2500mm) diameters.
- Supply and Installation ofWatersupply, West & Drainage Networks with all Installations and Fixtures,Ventilation, Air conditioning and Firefighting Systems for industrial projects, commercial buildings, schools , hospitals.. etc.
- Supply and Installation heat exchangers.
- Carry out welding of ferrous and non-ferrous Metals•Carry out Quality Control tests for metal welding, dimensional checking, Alignment, level straightness Using X-Ray, Complete lab. For developing and printing X-Ray films, Ultrasonic detector, Metrology equipment, including Complete workshop for soil, concrete and other construction materials inspection.