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Petroleum And Petroleum Products

- Sale and Brokerage for sale crude oil and oil derivative.
- Supply Stationary and Mobile oil Refineries.
- Supply crude oil pipelinesoSupplying all types of valves for crude oil pumping stations, Petroleum, Petrochemical and Gas industries.
- Supply additives used in manufacturing petroleum products and wells lining materials.
- Supply of oil well head equipment,pipes, pumps, measuring and control equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Construction Equipment & Materials

- Supplying thermal bricks for industrial furnaces.
- Supply all construction materials for infrastructure projects , buildings, roads and bridges
- Supply Construction Equipment (Concrete Mixers, Dumpers, Compaction Equipment, Machines (Earth Movement Machines)... Etc.
- Supply Reinforcement & Steel Tubes, Rods & Sections.
- Supply complete Steel Structure warehouses & shelters.
- Supply Doors & Windows with all necessary accessories & Ironmongery.
- Supply All Sanitary Materials, Bathroom Sets & fixtures.

Food , Agricultural Materials And Equipment

- Supply Food Grains such as (wheat, corn, Rice, Beans ...Etc), Wheat Flour, Sugar, and Edible Oil. Canned,Chilled and Frozen food (Vegetables, Red Meat, Poultry and Fish).
- Supply pesticides, Fertilizers (Urea, organic ...Etc.) and application equipment.
- Supply seeds & onions, beets and potatoes bulbsoSupply of agricultural pumps & Power Generator Sets.
-Supply Agricultural Sprayers (Fixed & Pivot), irrigation network materials and pesticide sprayer.
- Supply agricultural aircraft, tractors and harvesters

Brokerage And Commercial Agencies Section

Rawnaq Istanbul seeks to develop and upgrade its capabilities and its services in order to provide the latest technologies and Highest Quality of goods to ourclient and local markets that, through concluding & signing cooperation agreements and bilateral understandings, as well as conclusion contracts for representation and commercial agencies with International manufacturers and producers. Accordingly This section is concernedalsowith the commercial intermediaries for the sale and purchase of crude oil and oil derivatives.
Our role as an intermediary is not only in ensuring the completion of the required business process, but in researching and surveying the most suitable offers and the best specifications to ensure a business process of real benefit and benefit Of the Contracting Parties.

Energy Section ( Conventional, Clean & Renewable Energy)

- Supply Mobile Power Plants Capacity (1) MW up to (25)MW.
- Supply power Generator Sets Capacity (10) kW up to (1)MW
- Supply and Erection of Solar power plants for residential communities, individual houses and public utilities.
- Supply and Erection of wind farm system power plants with that includes residential communities, residential complexes and public utilities.
- Supply Electricity Transformers of different types and capacities.
- High-voltage power transmission towers and lighting poles.
- Supply of electrical cables and wires of all kinds (low voltage and Medium voltage as well as high Voltage), instruments cables & fire cables.
- Supply of substation equi